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Oct. 4, 2012

“Eyewitness to history: Democrats shut down the Wisconsin Senate”

Feb. 18, 2011
“[W]hile the Democrats’ disappearing act is a bold gambit, it is not without precedent: Republican lawmakers hid themselves in the town of Madison, Indiana to deprive that state’s Democratic-controlled General Assembly of a quorum in 1862. Republican Governor Oliver P. Morton feared the Democrats would vote to take away his control of the state militia, which would have weakened his power to direct Indiana manpower and money support the Union’s war against the Confederacy. The parallel is one of desperate times and desperate measures; I just hope the unrest in Madison turns out to be more of a civil conflict and less of a war.” | W.P.Norton

The Economist


March 11, 2011
“[M]any natives of the Badger state, including transplants like me, don’t want to see Wisconsin brought in line with the Mountain states, thank you. Even worse is the thought of seeing Wisconsin whittled down into anything like the shape of the Southern states, where living standards in many indices are manifestly worse and the culture altogether grimmer in many respects.Such prospects may sit well with Gov. Scott Walker, an evangelical Christian conservative born in bible-belt capital Colorado Springs, Colorado. As for Wisconsin voters freshly galvanized by the audacity of a chief executive who today marks a mere 68 days in office — not so much.” | W.P.Norton

The New Yorker

March 23, 2011
“Anthony Shadid is without peer as an interpreter of the Islamic world. I rely on his wisdom, revel in the poetry of his writing, and want him safe for years to come because he makes me smarter. Since the Libya nightmare, he’s been quoted as saying that he’ll be covering no more wars, and I plan to hold him to that. But Addario has been flatly insistent that she’ll go on covering combat zones, though, and I find myself strangely glad to hear it. I’ll wager that her best work is ahead of her.” | W.P. Norton


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