W.P. Norton

About the Norton Company

W.P. Norton is a University of Chicago-certified manuscript editor and doctor of treatment for writer’s block. He founded W.P. Norton Co. LLC to provide top-notch editing services to corporate clients and private authors.

In his journo years, Norton stared up the gun barrel of a tank in Moscow, vacationed in a “hot” village near Chernobyl, wrote ad copy for five-star hotels, crafted talking points for a U.S. president, and uncovered the illegal conduct of public officials in Madison, Wisc., where he earned two Milwaukee Press Club awards for The Capital Times.

Norton was senior editor and special correspondent at The Miami Herald International Edition through 2015. He writes about #fakenews and #pizzagate right here in NOR•TON•ESQUE, where you can peruse his musings on everything from a brush with death in post-Soviet Russia to Latin American jazz to the evolution of China’s yuan into a world currency. His bylines have run over stories in The Progressive magazine, In These Times, The Stranger, The Moscow Guardian, and The Moscow Tribune, where he covered post-Soviet Russia from 1993 to 1995.

Harvard University’s Kennedy School commissioned Norton to edit hard-science papers on nuclear terrorism in 2011. Later he edited and partly ghostwrote his first book, the autobiography of an African-American Chicago restaurateur who seared himself into the culinary history of the Windy City when he won the 1982 RibFest held by legendary Chicago newspaperman Mike Royko.



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